Our Products Range

CCTV Cables

CCTV Cables At Rajsav India Private Limited, we are designing and manufacturing CCTV Camera Cable as per the customer’s required in different combination of audio video wire with other parameters.

Covert Camera Cable (3+1 CCTV)
CCTV Cable is the composite structure of Video and Audio wires intended to install the cameras with audio system from one point to equipment system. Cable is capable of carrying video signal (75 Ohms Coax) with audio 12 Volts power wire.

Radio frequency Co-axial Cable

Radio frequency Co-axial Cable The Co-axial Cables are designed to transmit radio frequency electrical energy from one point to electronic system equipments. This cable is called Co-axial cable as it consists of an inner conductor, a uniform di electric transmission path (core di electric) and outer surrounding conductor (shield) usually braided to allow flexibility. The signals are transmitted through di electric medium and contend between inner and outer conductor.

House Wiring Cables

House Wiring Cables RAYHON® is the name of your trust, the quality you deserve. Our House Wiring Cable and other specially formulated & designed Building Wire Cable for extra sensitive places like- Hospitals, Malls, Multi Plexes whereas the product liability Insurance cover and ensuring extra high safety norms to safeguard your life & property.

PVC Insulate Flexible Electrical Cables up to 1100 Volts is the range of electrical wires. We generally used the bright electroliting grade Annealed Bunch Copper insulated with PVC/HR PVC/FR Zero Halozen compound. The wire having the ISI Certification mark IS 694 - 1990.

Shielded Cables

Shielded CablesA wide range of multicore/pair aluminum mylor tapped shilelded with Tinned Copper wire braided overall PVC sheathed Cable having the conductor size of 7/0.15, 14/0.15, 16/0.20 and 24/0.20 are used for data signalling and interconnection from one point to the equipment.

Unshielded Cables

Instrumentation CablesWide range of Unshielded Multicore/Pair overall polyester tapped tinned/ Bare Copper having different sizes of 7/0.15, 14/0.15, 16/0.20 and 24/0.20 Cable with overall PVC sheath Black & Grey in colours.

Patch Cords

Patch Cords 4 Pair AWG 24/7 twisted pair sheathed 100 Ohm with RJ45 boots

Power Cords

Power Cords We are manufacturing 2 Pin & 3 Pin Moulded Power Cords. Designing the cables & moulds as per the customers specifications for household appliances Computers, Refrigerators, Mixer-Grinder and other electronic equipments.

Cat 5e & Cat 6e

Cat 5e & Cat 6e Cables for high speed data transmission digital & analog voice and video signal of lens. Operates at band width up to 100 MHz Cat 5e and 250 MHz Cat 6e cables are used meeting the requirement EIA/TIA 568B.2 specification

Telephone Cords

Telephone Cords Coil Cord & Line Cord

Rajsav India Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of Telephone Cords in North India with an installed capacity of 3 lacs sets of Telephone Coil Cord & Line Cord per month. Our Cords are CACT Certified and supply our Cords to Telephone Instrument manufacturers.

Thermocouple Compensating Cables

Thermocouple Compensating Cables
    • Conductor: Solid / standard KX and JX type.
    • Insulation: PVC extruded of grade 70oC / 85oC / 105oC / polypropylene on conductor to form core which are identified by numbers / colours.
    • Twisted Pair: Cores are twisted to form pair.
    • Assembly: Pairs are laid up to form a cable.
    • Screening / Shielding: A layer of alluminium mylor tape / copper wire braid is applied by extrusion / tapping.
    • Armouring: A layer of galvanized steel wire is applied over the cable.
    • Outer Sheath: An extruded layer of PVC is applied called as outer sheath.
    • 0.50 mm2 (20AWG) 0.82 mm2 (18 AWG).
    • ANSI – MC96.1 DIN – 93713, BS 4937 or any other Indian / international specification.
    • FR (Flame Retardant), FRLS (Flame Retardant and Low Smoke) is used as per requirement.
These cables are used to carry out the precise temperature systems at remote measuring points that serve as extension leads from thermocouple to the measuring and control ends