Rajsav India Pvt. Ltd.

Spiral Cords

We at Rajsav India Pvt. Ltd. manufactuers a wide variety of Spiral Cords that are ideal for extremely high wear & tear atmospheres.

These have high following properties.

1. Temperature Range : -30 C to + 50 C.
2. Conductor : Class 5.
3. Core Identification : VDE 0293-308
4. Nominal Voltage : 440/600 V
5. Insulation Resistant : 20G ohms x Cm
6. Test Voltage : 3000 V

Especially flame retardant outer sheath of Poly Urethane.
Extremely cut and wear resistant.
Highly resistant against oil, low temperature, microbes and hydrolysis.
The strength of recoiling & the extension length up to 3 times of the original
Chemical resistant to Benzols, Benzines, Microbes, Minerals oils etc.

Length of the straight ends:
First end : 200 mm
Second end: 300 mm
Other dimensions, lengths, Colours and dimensions as per request.
Minimum Order Quantity: 50 Nos.

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