Different Types of RAYHON® CCTV Cable.

  • – Round CCTV Cable 3+1, 4+1….upto 8+1
  • – Flat CCTV Cable 2+1 and 3+1- This is 8 shape CCTV Cable wherein Video Core and Power Cores are kept in seprate tubes to provide greater video clearity.
  • - Outdoor CCTV Cable- Double Coated or Double Sheathed with outer Weather Resistent LDPE Coating..
  • – Flat Lift CCTV Cable 2+1- Rayhon Flat LIft CCTV Cable is a very flexible Fire Resistent Cable with heavy stranded copper conductor to provide long cable life in contineous Lift operation.


Rajsav India Private Limited, we are designing and manufacturing CCTV Camera Cable as per the customer’s requirement in different combination of audio & video wire with other parameters.

Covert Camera Cable (3+1 CCTV)

CCTV Cable is the composite structure of Video and Audio wires intended to install the cameras with audio system from one point to equipment system. Cable is capable of carrying video signal (75 Ohms Coax) with audio 12 Volts power wire.

Constructional specification.

  • Video Core- PE Insulated Copper Conductor with braiding of coverage over 80% of Tinned Copper/CCA/Aluminium Alloy wires with PVC coating.
  • Power Core 14/0.12 mm ATC with PVC/PE insulated cores for 12 Volt power supply line.
  • Audio Core 14/0.12 mm ATC with PVC/PE Insulated for audio signals.
  • Overall polyester/Aluminium Myler tapped and PVC jacketed OD 6.1 mm.
Embosing Machines
Embosing Machines

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