RAYHON® Telephone Cords

Rajsav India Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturers of Telephone Cords in North India with an installed capacity of 3 lacs sets of Telephone Coil Cord & Line Cord per month. Our Cords are CACT Certified and supply our Cords to Telephone Instrument manufacturers.

1. Constructional specification.

  • 1- Conductor- We use Highly Flexible Copper or Cadmium Copper Tinsel Wire in 3 x 1, 4 X 1, 4 X 2 formation and Stranded Annealed Bare Copper.
  • 2- Insulation- Our suggested insulation material is Polyolefin still PVC Insulation is also available.
  • 3- Laying- In multicore Round Telephone Cords laying is done to obtain D-kinking property.
  • 4- Sheath- We are facilitated to provide outer jacket of PVC as well as PU- Polyurethane Sheathed Telephone Cords


  • 2 core to 8 core coil cord and straight cord.
  • Flat / round.
  • Modular Plugs are used as per the specific requirement of Gold Plating thickness 3 U” to 50U”.
  • Designed and developed as per customers requirement.


    Coil Cord is used generally in telephone sets, wireless sets and other equipment for video-audio system

Types of RAYHON® Telephone Cords are-

  • 1- 2 core Telephone Cords to 8 Core Telephone Cords.
  • 2- Flat Telephone Cord/Round Telephone Cord.
  • 3- Combi Telephone Cords- It is a combination of Coil Cod and Line Cord in one single cord.
  • 4- Types of Modular Plugs used by us include 4P4C, 4P2C, 6P2C, 6P4C, 6P6C.
  • 5- 4 Core to 8 Core Round Telephone Coil Cord and Line Cord with metallic Lugs on both sides with or without grommet, commonly used in railways.
  • 6- We are designing the Coil Cord for wireless telephone commonly used in defence and other critical communication applications.
  • 7- We manufacture Coloured Telephone Cords like Black, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Blue, Yellow, Green etc.
  • 8- We can manufacture Telephone cords of any length up to 4 feets/48 inches/1200 mm.
Embosing Machines
Embosing Machines

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