RAYHON® Patch Cords

We manufacture a wide variety of Patch Cords which passes Fluke Test of their relevant range. Diversity of RAYHON® Patch Cords are as under
  • - Length of RAYHON Patch Cords vary from 20 cm to 100 meters coil.
  • - Conductor- We manufacture Patch Cords with Solid as well as Stranded Annealed or Tinned Copper wires, CCS- Copper Clad Steel wires, CCA- Copper Clad Aluminium wires
  • - Cat 5e Patch Cords UTP/FTP/SFTP with PVC or LDPE (Low density Polyethylene) Outer Jacket.
  • - Cat 6 Patch Cords UTP/FTP/SFTP with PVC or LDPE outer jacket.
  • - We also manufacture LSZH Cat 6 Patch Cords (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)
  • - Moulded Cat 6 Patch Cords and Patch Cords with Polycarbonate Boots.
  • - 2 Pair Cat 5e Patch Cord and 4 Pair Cat 5e Patch Cords.
  • - In RAYHON® Patch Cords we use Modular Plugs 8P8C with 3µ Gold Plated Pins and 50µ Gold Plated Pins.
  • - RAYHON® Patch Cords are available in different Colours like Grey, Blue, Yellow, Parrot Green, Red etc
  • - We manufacture unique Cat 5e Spiral Patch Cords. These patch cords are in shape of telephone cords.

We also manufacture specialised Hybrid Patch Cords commonly used in network analysers with 44 pin D-Sub Type Connector on one side and 9 Pin D-Sub Type Connectors on other side or as per customers requirement.

Embosing Machines
Embosing Machines

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