Radio frequency Co-axial Cable

The Co-axial Cables are designed to transmit radio frequency electrical energy from one point to electronic system equipments. This cable is called Co-axial cable as it consists of an inner conductor, a uniform di electric transmission path (core di electric) and outer surrounding conductor (shield) usually braided to allow flexibility. The signals are transmitted through di electric medium and contend between inner and outer conductor.
Generally people are aware that the Co-axial Cable are used in TV sets, Radios, Ethernets and other video equipments.

Constructional specification

RF and Video Co-axial Cables are transmitting video signals with solid Copper centre conductor of different sizes, foamed polythene insulated and further sealed Alluminium foil tapped and Alluminium wire braided with 60% coverage and PVC sheathed Cables.

RF Cable type RG 59 RG 6 RG 11
Conductor dia mm 0.71 0.91 1.63
Di- electric 3.75 4.60 7.15
Alluminium myler tape overall dia 3.95 4.80 7.35
Alluminium wire braid Coverage 60% 60% 60%
PVC sheath OD 6.10 7.15 10.10

Electrical parameter

Nominal D.C. resistance Ohms / Km 44.83 27.30 8.50
Nominal Capacitance pF/ft 16.20 16.20 16.20
Impedence in Ohms 75 Ohms 75 Ohms 75 Ohms
Attenuation at 1000 MHZ dB/100 meter 27.10 21.70 14.10
Embosing Machines
Embosing Machines

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